Photon Supernova: Incentivized Testnet Launch

Explore Photon Supernova, an Incentivized Testnet Program inviting our community members to test the L2 network and qualify for $PTON airdrop.
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Photon Supernova: Incentivized Testnet Launch

In our relentless pursuit of scaling the Bitcoin economy, we are thrilled to announce today the launch of our incentivized testnet program. This initiative aims to empower our community to explore our modular L2 solution for Bitcoin.
This is just the beginning of our journey. The initiative offers opportunities for our community to engage with the Alpha Testnet, complete a series of tasks, and earn a share of the $PTON token airdrop, all while contributing to the growth of the future on-chain Bitcoin ecosystem.

Complete Tasks, Earn PTON

Below is an outline of the tasks involved and how participants can leverage this opportunity to explore Photon as the Modular Bitcoin L2.

1. Connect Your Twitter

Begin your journey on Photon Supernova by linking your Twitter account. This step is crucial for authenticating your participation.

2. Connect Your Wallet

To interact with the Photon Testnet, connect your EVM-compatible web3 wallet such as MetaMask, Rabby, OKX Wallet, etc. This enables you to interact with the network.
The “Connect Wallet” button detects all the supported EVM wallets you have installed and will appear in the modal window.

3. Add Photon Testnet

Easily add the Photon Testnet as a custom network to your wallet by clicking the "Add Chain (PTON)" button and approving the network in your wallet prompt.
Once added, you are ready to transact on the Photon Testnet.
Network Name
Photon Testnet
Chain ID
Native Token
Block explorer URL

4. Claim PTON Faucet

$PTON is our native gas token. Claim 10 $PTON testnet tokens from our faucet once every 24 hours. These tokens are for testing purposes on the network, providing you with firsthand experience of the network's efficiency and capabilities.

5. Stake PTON

Experience staking on the Photon network by making a test staking transaction with a 7-day lockup period. This will help you understand our staking mechanism and earn test yield.
Note that staking can only be performed once per wallet, and you must wait for the lockup period to expire before you can stake again.

6. Invite Friends

Boost your involvement by inviting friends to join the testnet. Use your referral link to invite others and earn additional points: 100 points for each referral and 50 points for sub-referrals.
This is a great way to increase your share of the airdrop pool while helping us grow the community.

7. Secure Airdrop & Obtain Primo Photon

Engage with our Galxe campaign to secure your $PTON airdrop and obtain the Primo Photon role on our Discord server.

Join Us to Grow Photon

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